For years our brewer had been searching for healthful healing foods to add to her and her familyʼs diet. Kefir reigned in her home for years. Next she added her own fermented vegetables that she had to disguise in smoothies to get them down.

Then a friend introduced her to kombucha. For the first several years, she believed, as many people do, that the kombucha needed to have a vinegary smell and taste for it to have healthful benefits. (Not true) Because of that taste profile, she was the only one in her family who would drink it. So to try to get her family members to drink her kombucha, which she found healing and helpful, she experimented with her recipe, its length of fermentation time, and temperature. She finally found the “just right” balanced taste that still helped her health and gut, and she soon had converts drinking her kombucha.

In the spring of 2018 our brewer retired from her day job and was convinced by the owners of SeaQuake Brewing to bring her kombucha brewing talents to the brewery. In June 2018, the first Pineapple and Tart Cherry kegs of SeaBucha were sold in SeaQuakeʼs taproom and restaurant.

SeaQuakeʼs staff enjoys watching people, who curl their noses at the thought of kombucha or who say they have never heard of kombucha, when they take their first sips of SeaBucha and are then all smiles and compliments of the flavorful and refreshing drink.

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